Sunday, April 26, 2009

Reflections on the Sony Vaio UX and the OQO

I've been thinking about the Sony Vaio UX series and the OQO. Both are very small computers. Both have slideout keyboards. Both run a full Windows operating system like XP or Vista. The Sony Vaio UX isn't made anymore and the OQO probably won't be made anymore. So what's the problem with these types of devices?

High price killed them. With small netbooks coming out at an average of $300, it's very difficult to justify the purchase of a small computer that's over $1500 or even $2000. Given the enconomic hardships that this country is experiencing, price is even more critical. Therefore, I can understand why companies like OQO are struggling and why Sony decided to end the UX series and come out with the Sony Vaio P super-tiny-laptop-that's-not-a-netbook.


  1. The problem is simple it is the lack of a touch type keyboard. That prevents them to be used the way full Windows is meant to be used and how everyone wants to use a computer. That makes them limited computers to be used only when standing and not laptop replacements so they are then percived to be expensive.

    Price is not the issue if they were more of a clamshell design that provided a touch type keyboard and were still jacket pocket in size. What is needed is a Psion 5mx or HP Jornada 720 type shaped UMPC.

  2. You must be loving the new Sony Vaio P series!