Will OQO get acquired?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jenn at pocketables.net wrote about how OQO might be acquired by the Chinese distributor known as AudioTone. Then, she updated her post by indicating that Picasso (the OQO Talk forum moderator) told her that these are old rumors that have dissolved. So, what's the truth? Does OQO have a chance at survival? It's too bad the major players like Samsung or HTC don't acquire this great technology. It appears that the OQO will suffer the same fate as the Apple Newton Messagepad. Long live the Newton and OQO! I hope that my OQO lives a long life. Although my Newton still works, I don't use it because the grayscale screen just isn't very practical these days. The OQO can always become a small digital picture frame at the least.


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