Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is your PC really infected? Don't get tricked!

I've recently noticed that many people are starting to get tricked by web pages that resemble their desktop. They see a window that pops open that says "your PC is infected" and then it appears that something is scanning their computer. The web page that is open looks like your desktop and doesn't look like a standard web page. Before you know it, you're downloading software (that may even be dangerous) and you're either infecting your computer or buying something that you really don't need.

The next time you see something that makes you think that your computer might be infected with a virus or some type of spyware, stop and look at the windows very carefully. You'll probably notice that the screen is actually a web page, not your desktop.

Make sure that you're running reliable (and updated) anti-virus software on your computer. You can get some free options through AVG, Avast, and Avira (among others). Free software continues to remain popular among medical students and residents.

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