Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apple Tablet (or iPad) to be a giant iPod touch

So, the latest rumors on the Apple Tablet is that this device will simply be a giant iPod touch. Disappointing.

I was hoping to see a robust Apple Tablet running Mac OS X, but instead it looks like we're only going to see a large multimedia tablet that will have a web browser (mobile Safari) and multimedia capabilities. I suppose for those physicians and medical students who want to use a really BIG iPod touch (or iPhone), then the new iPad (or whatever they end up calling it) will be a nice device. Maybe it will be the perfect device for those older docs who don't want to use reading glasses when they're using a digital device.

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  1. As a video professionalI am hopeful because this could be an amazing mobile HD monitor. Adding the touch screen interface and applications this could be a great video tool. One app that comes to mind is a mobile teleprompter. Also a light form of FCP for editing or as a video scope.