Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's mobile health?

What's mobile health? How do you define "mobile health?"
  • Some may think of mobile health clinics (a van, bus, trailer, cruise ship, etc.)
  • Others may think about doctors who make house calls.
  • Some think about mobile computers used in health care.
  • Others may think about doctors who treat all their patients from a car.
  • Some may think of mobile health
The purpose of this website is to explore how mobile computers can be used in the health care industry. I'm passionate about gadgets and technology and I feel that mobile clinical assistants (MCAs) and tablet computers will play a huge role in the future of health care. I also believe that smartphones and other mobile devices will be used by more health care providers.

So how do you define mobile health? Do you use mobile computers?

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  1. Over the next few days I'll interview some of the participants here to get a better understanding of mHealth current and future applications can be developed on mobile phones to improve health care in developing countries.