Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Will the Apple tablet get announced on January 26?

The rumors about the Apple tablet seem to go up and down like a roller coaster. Will Steve Jobs announce the Apple tablet (iSlate maybe?) on January 26 when they address the public? I'm very eager to see the Apple tablet because I want to know if it will have a role in the health care industry. I'm sure the Apple tablet will be geared for the average consumer, but health care professionals are consumers as well and if the right types of apps are installed on a tablet, then it can improve work-flow efficiencies in the clinical setting.

On a similar topic, I'm surprised that Apple hasn't developed a mobile clinical assistant (MCA) for the healthcare industry. I realize that most hospitals and physician offices operate with PCs instead of Macs. However, as Apple's popularity rises among physicians and medical students, I won't be surprised if more doctors choose to equip their medical offices with Macs instead of PCs.

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  1. Interesting mention about clinics using Mac over PC. I just spoke with a clinic in Eastern PA that uses all MAC. I think with programs like BootCamp that allow Windows to me run on Mac there will be more incentive to try out Mac for offices.