Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apple iSlate vs. Newton

Once the Apple iSlate comes out, I'll be very eager to do a little "iSlate vs. Newton" comparison. I'm sure others will compare these devices as well, but who still has an old Newton MessagePad 2100? I do.

Here's my preliminary iSlate vs. Newton comparison:

I bet the Newton will beat the iSlate in these areas:
  • battery life
  • handwriting recognition
  • novel and innovative apps designed before anyone had a smartphone like the iPhone
  • cases and peripherals (like the external keyboard, the different types of PC card accessories, etc.)
  • memory expansion capabilities (who still uses Flash PC cards?)
  • ability to change/swap batteries
The iSlate will beat the Newton in these areas:
  • color screen and graphics
  • wireless communications
  • processing power
  • total # of apps (including useful and useless apps)
  • multi-touch gestures
  • price
I'm eager to see what the iSlate looks like.

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