Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I won't buy a first generation iPad

Frankly, I was very disappointed by the name iPad. It sounds like iPod. I was really hoping that Apple would choose something like iSlate. After all, if you're a foreigner and you happen to have an accent, then people may have a difficult time understanding you if you say iPod or iPad.

Here are the reasons why I don't plan to purchase a first generation iPad:
  • Apple has a history of "fixing" problems and releasing 2nd and 3rd generation mobile devices
  • No multi-tasking? You've got to be kidding me. Does this mean that I can't listen to my music while I'm reading an e-book or browsing the web? 
  • Pay extra to get an iPad that has built-in 3G and GPS? Why make it an option?
  • No camera? How will I Skype?
  • Still can't easily change the battery.
  • Dock only in portrait mode? (I think the 2nd generation iPad will allow you to dock in both portrait and landscape modes)
  • Where's the Corning Gorilla Glass option?
Sorry, but I had much higher hopes for this device. I was quite disappointed and I don't think this first generation iPad will have any significant impact on the health care industry. Then again, the iPad is really geared for the consumer and not for the professional market. I just hope Apple won't punish the early adopters by dropping the price 3 months after the iPad gets released.

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  1. There is a large gap between what many HOPE the iPad will do and what it actually CAN do. Tablet PCs have been on the market for many years and promised many of the same things. The limiting factor has been (and most likely will continue to be) software. In the US, CCHIT/Drummond certification (via the ARRA stimulus) will be the badge that differentiates what healthcare facilities will actually support and purchase.

    I've listed another 10 reasons the current iPad will not be significantly deployed in healthcare if you have the time.