Thursday, March 11, 2010

Data plans for mobile devices

Do you have a mobile device that has an embedded 3G wireless radio? Why pay for a separate data plan when you can tether with a smartphone?

How do you find the best cell phone plan? Maybe you're a medical student or a resident on a really tight budget. Do you go with prepay phones? Where can you find the best deals? Should you shop online for the lowest prices? Maybe you rely on your friends and family to help you with the bill. Some people simply eliminate the landline phone and carry a mobile phone. If you're looking for an online resource where you can compare different cell phone plans, you may want to try Billshrink.

Sometimes, you may see an online deal that simply looks too good to be true. It can be difficult to determine which plans are really the best cell phone plans. After all, you're not always comparing apples to apples. Some mobile carriers offer different features and benefits. Do you use a lot of minutes, or would you be the type to roll over your unused minutes? Maybe you need an unlimited talk plan. If you're like me, then maybe you're on a family plan. Plus, if the majority of your friends and family are on the same carrier, then you may have unlimited talk time with them since many carriers now offer free calling within the same carrier network.

So, when it comes to selecting a smartphone, which one should you get? Go with the free one? The newest smartphone like the Motorola Droid? A refurbished phone? You can find a refurbished Apple iPhone for amazing prices. Maybe you're looking for a great deal on eBay. Be cautious if you're going to buy a used phone, since these types of devices are often dropped or damaged.

Well, I've been on the same carrier for almost ten years. It's hard to believe that our family hasn't switched carriers, but our current carrier serves us well and since many of our existing friends and family members also use the same carrier, there's really no reason to change. Plus, it allows us to use a lower price plan, so we're saving money that we can now use for vacation.

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