Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is now available

I bet some of you are still running Microsoft Office XP or 2003. Even though Office 2007 came out a few years ago, you probably didn't upgrade. After all, do you really need the latest version if you can still open all the files and get your work done?

Microsoft has released its 2010 version of Office.  Do you plan to upgrade?

If you just got a new computer, make sure to read this: 

Here's a common situation: You buy a new PC. You have an old version of Office (say 2003) and you also have the upgrade disk (say 2007). Do you need to install 2003, and then run the 2007 upgrade? No.

Here's a tip: You don't need to install the old version. Simply install the upgrade disk first. It will ask whether you have the old disk. Then, insert the old disk, and once it confirms that you have the old disk, then it will ask for the upgrade disk and you can install your upgraded version of Office.

If you're running the beta version of Office 2010, that version will expire in October 2010. Here are the common versions of Office 2010 you can purchase: 
  • Office Home and Student 2010    $149.99
  • Office Home and Business 2010   $279.99
  • Office Professional 2010   $499.99
Do you plan to upgrade?

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