Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will Apple release an iTablet or iSlate?

Well, Apple announced new iPods yesterday (iPod touch, nano, and shuffle). No announcement about the iTablet or iSlate. Some had speculated that the iPad would get refreshed before the upcoming holidays (and it still could happen). However, I was hoping that Apple would release a slate tablet (iTablet or iSlate) that runs Mac OS X. Am I dreaming, or will this become a reality?

Will Apple eventually take a popular computer like the MacBook Air and convert it to a tablet?  Or, will the iPad be the extent of tablet computing that we see from Apple?

Physicians who want to run a robust EHR on a mobile device will find that the iPad may not be the right device. Touch input is fine. A 10" screen is fine. However, you may need additional CPU horsepower to keep up with some of these intense applications and the iPad just doesn't have that type of horsepower. Let's hope that the engineers and executives at Apple decide to invest in a robust tablet that will efficiently run OS X and Boot Camp (so that you can also run Windows).

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