Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogging from the plane with my iPad and Gogo Internet

I'm currently in-flight on my way to San Francisco. I'm blogging with my iPad and I'm connected to the Internet via Gogo Wi-Fi access on the plane. I'm typing this using my Bluetooth wireless keyboard. With all these wireless signals onboard, let's hope the plane doesn't malfunction!

It's quite amazing that we now have access to all technology when we're on a plane. I still remember the days when airlines started placing phones on the plane. It was ridiculously expensive to make a call. Now, on-flight Wi-Fi is only $12 for a day pass. That's a very reasonable rate and I'm going to make use of this access since I'm on a long flight.

The iPad has been a great travel companion. It has excellent battery life and the external keyboard has made it possible for me to type a number of documents during this flight (including this blog post).

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