Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skyfire Launches Skyfire for iPad

Skyfire is a great mobile browser that's now available for the Apple iPad. Perhaps the best feature is the fact that Skyfire will play Adobe Flash video files on your webpage. Here are some more details:

The “Video” icon enables users to play millions of Flash videos around the web that otherwise do not play on mobile. This unlocks content trapped behind those error messages with question marks and blue Legos by transcoding the Flash content into HTML5 on Skyfire’s servers.

You just finished reading a story on one of your favorite web sites and want to quickly decide what to read next. Click on the Popular button on the SkybarTM and instantly see what content on the site is most popular within the 500+ million user Facebook community. Recommendations from friends are prioritized and show up at the top of the list.

Load web pages as either the traditional iphone user agent or as a desktop browser. The desktop option gives you more flexibility in accessing web sites and allows discovery of video content that typically you might not see in Mobile Safari.

Touch the fullscreen button in the upper right of the UI and enter and exit the fullscreen browsing mode - the buttons all slide away allowing you to focus on the webpage.

Learn more here.

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  1. I purchased it... right now it is very buggy and does not have Flash support for many sites (even some that they claim are supported). It's decent as a browser, but if you're really looking for the Flash support, I'd wait for some updates before purchasing this one. It looks promising, so hopefully there will be some major improvements.