Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MobileAccess Announces Partnership with Philips Healthcare #HIMSS11

MobileAccess Announces New Integrated In-Building Wireless for Philips WMTS Solution

Leading Technology Vendors Team to Deliver Seamless and Reliable Wireless System to Healthcare Facilities

VIENNA, VA--(Marketwire - February 22, 2011) - MobileAccess, a global provider of enterprise wireless solutions, today announced a teaming agreement with Philips Healthcare and introduced the EC560 Solution for Philips. The EC560 Solution will enable interoperability between the MobileAccess2000 distributed antenna system (DAS) and the Philips Smart-hopping WMTS 1.4 GHz network. The open MobileAccess wireless platform is a robust and complete wireless infrastructure solution for integrated wireless medical telemetry systems (WMTS), making it a good partner for Philips' patient monitoring solution.

Deployment of MobileAccess' EC560 Solution offers a dependable platform with minimal disruption to healthcare operations. Clinicians will have a completely seamless user experience as the EC560 Solution enables the behavior and coverage footprint of a standalone Philips WMTS 1.4 GHz solution. Additionally, for the hospital IT staff, maintenance and system management of the Philips patient monitoring system from proactive end-to-end monitoring for status, alerting, and fault detection remain the same.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are increasingly moving towards interoperable products that support the use of wireless applications across the hospital ecosystem of patients, healthcare practitioners, IT staff and hospital administrators. A DAS strengthens wireless service throughout a building and combats signal degradation so that doctors, nurses and clinicians can use their mobile devices to run medical applications, improve staff communication, as well as run their full patient monitoring and telemetry packs to ensure high quality patient care. The MobileAccess multi-service DAS solution allows these organizations to more fully leverage the value of mobile phones, pagers, patient monitoring, as well as their associated applications, without interfering with existing medical equipment.

"With this new solution, the hospital and healthcare market will be able to leverage a single network infrastructure to enable all wireless services and critical patient monitoring technology," said Derek Johnston, senior director of product marketing, MobileAccess. "By ensuring interoperability of our respective solutions, the two companies will continue to expand capabilities and meet the needs of the healthcare industry today, and in the future."

MobileAccess offers a flexible in-building wireless connectivity option with a single open platform that distributes WMTS signals alongside other cellular services, including: CELL/PCS, AWS, public safety, paging and even emerging services such as 4G LTE, over a common grid of antennas. New wireless services are activated in secure telecom closets without new cabling requirements. This "Wire-it-Once" market approach reduces the costs and maintenance burdens of OPEX-intensive active-in-the-ceiling networks for the hospital IT staff and one network cost-effectively delivers coverage without antenna farms on ceilings.

"This partnership will enable Philips to extend our Smart-hopping solution to hundreds of healthcare facilities that are already taking advantage of MobileAccess' in-building wireless solution," said Dina LaTulippe, global senior product manager Patient Care and Clinical Informatics, for Philips Healthcare. "As the necessity for flexible, scalable approaches to deploying a patient monitoring system increases along with the evolving adoption of wireless applications, Philips continues to meet hospitals at this critical intersection of wireless needs with future ready solutions."

Attendees of the HIMSS 2011 Annual Convention and Exhibition from February 20-24 can visit MobileAccess (booth #5447) and Philips Healthcare (booth #3845) to learn about the new EC560 Solution and best practices in leveraging wireless technology to improve care in the healthcare community. For more information about the EC560 Solution and MobileAccess' healthcare offerings, please visit

About MobileAccess
MobileAccess is a provider of reliable wireless coverage solutions for all indoor wireless environments. MobileAccess' solutions platform delivers wireless connectivity in enterprises of every size, and has become the industry standard in the healthcare, hospitality and higher education markets. MobileAccess' legacy of innovation and proven architecture set the bar for indoor wireless peak performance, ensuring customers can meet current wireless demands as well as easily expand with future applications and services. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on MobileAccess including: Clarian Health, the Comcast Center, M Resort Spa Casino, Ford Field, GAN Tower (Paris), Grand Lakes Orlando, the Dutch Parliament building (Netherlands), Hearst Corporation, Melbourne Australia Airport, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Royal Dutch Shell, and the University of Phoenix Stadium. MobileAccess is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. For more information, please

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