Monday, September 19, 2011

Has your iPad replaced your laptop when you travel?

I really wish I could say that my iPad has replaced my laptop. Unfortunately, I find myself too dependent on a number of enterprise-level applications that will only run on a PC. Using a remote desktop app like LogMeIn works fine as long as I don't need to do any intensive work. However, I find myself always multitasking when I'm traveling at a conference, so that's why my iPad simply isn't sufficient for me when I travel.

Over the weekend, I was attending the Medicine 2.0 conference at Stanford. I had 3 batteries for my HP convertible tablet PC (EliteBook 2760p): two main batteries and a very thin slice battery that attaches on the bottom. I had over 10 hrs of battery life with all these lithium-ion batteries.

Of course, with the iPad, you can easily get 10 hrs of battery life and you don't even need to carry any extra batteries. That's why I really wish the iPad would meet my professional business needs. If it did, then I would gladly leave my laptop at home.

Over the next 12 months or so, I plan to test additional Android tablets like the Lenovo ThinkPad. These devices are built for business users, so maybe they'll end up meeting 99% of my needs when I travel.

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