Monday, January 7, 2013

Omnio by Skyscape

Skyscape recently released an iPad app called Omnio.

Omnio™ is the electronic black bag that holds all your favorite medical must-haves in one place, just one tap away.

Here's what you get with Omnio:

• Drug Guide

- Comprehensive database of 2,600+ US brands and generics
- Interaction analyzer, key pill images, and dosing calculators
- Up-to-the-minute formulary information from 5,000 health plans

• Medical Calculator Suite

- More than 200 essential medical calculators
- Intuitive indices and interface

• Essential free resources from trusted sources

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- American College of Cardiology
- National Comprehensive Cancer Network
- Our very own Outlines in Clinical Medicine

• Curated news and ideas for your specialty and profession

- The latest medical, technological, and policy developments
- See what your peers are reading

• In our store: the most trusted names

- 600+ premium resources in 35+ medical specialties
- Purchases instantly integrate into a seamless, cross-indexed library

Learn more here.

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