Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Evernote users on Android tablets can now incorporate handwritten notes #EvernoteHandwriting

Handwriting for Android has arrived in Evernote (for Android).

When Evernote acquired Penultimate (for iOS), iPad users who were still relying on pen-based input had a way of incorporating those hand-written notes into Evernote. That's exactly what I did.

Now, Android users can add handwriting into new notes or existing notes. I'm sure that medical students and residents will certainly appreciate this feature. When you're standing by a patient's bedside, it's much easier to scribble a note than to use the on-screen touch keyboard to enter information.

I'm still waiting for Evernote to add this handwriting feature for tablets running Windows 8. On a Windows-based device, you can either type a regular note (no handwriting) or you can create an Ink Note (handwriting only and no typing). You can't add handwriting into a regular typed note. Windows users may gravitate towards using Microsoft OneNote (which is what I used to use heavily back in the days of Windows XP Tablet), but I now use multiple devices (including iOS and Android) and that's why I use Evernote. I need to access all my notes across all my devices.

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  1. I updated Evernote yesterday on my GalaxyNote 3.. I'm still very disappointed. With OneNote on my Windows tablet, I could ink notes, and then change them to type-text later. With Evernote, they have to stay inked notes forever. OneNote on my Note 3 can't even ink notes. When, or if, Microsoft discovers that it needs to put a Wacom stylus on a new Nokia phone, and include full OneNote, I'll sell my Note 3 and buy the Windows Phone. Mike Reilly