Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adonit Jot Dash

The Adonit Jot Dash is one of the newest writing tools to hit mobile devices like the iPad or Android tablets. The Dash is powered by a battery, but it doesn't use Bluetooth to connect to your tablet. According to the Adonit website:

The powered 1.9 mm tip creates a more natural, pen­like stroke than a rubber tip stylus.

How does it do this?

There's not too much information on the Adonit website about the technology that drives this powered stylus. Based on my understanding, the internal battery in the pen allows the little 1.9 mm tip to have the characteristics found in common, rubber-tipped capacitive pens. You get more precision and control by using a 1.9 mm tip instead of a soft, rubbery tip.

I admit that the technology sounds interesting, but I think I'll stick to the traditional active digitizer tablet PC pens made by interactive pen companies like Wacom or N-Trig (acquired by Microsoft earlier this year). That's probably what keeps me using some older mobile devices that still support these pens because of the precision, the ease-of-use, and the overall note-taking reliability found on these types of pens.

Nonetheless, I'm fascinated by the Adonit Jot Dash, so I'll need to pick one up and try it out to see how it works.

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