Monday, September 21, 2015

My question about the iPad Pro

The newly announced iPad Pro looks like a fantastic mobile device, but here's the question that puzzles me: why did it take Apple so long to release the iPad Pro?

The original iPad was released in 2010.
The iPad Mini came out in 2012.
Why did Apple wait until 2015 to release the iPad Pro?

The larger iPad supports an active stylus pen and will meet the greater demands of enterprise users. (I realize that Steve Jobs wasn't a fan of the stylus, but we all know the importance of the stylus pen in both the enterprise healthcare and education vertical markets).

The Smart Keyboard is also a very interesting feature and I'm curious to see how the Smart Connector will work if the iPad Pro is held in different 3rd party cases/covers.

In the healthcare vertical, the iPad Pro will meet some needs of busy clinicians, but I think Microsoft continues to hold the edge with Windows 10 tablets since full enterprise EHR functionality is so critical for mobile clinicians. Windows 10 tablet PCs have improved greatly and are now much lighter, easier to use, and more intuitive for touch-based computing. Now the key question is: now that many hospitals finally upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, when will they get to Windows 10?

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