Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sony Vaio UX Used by John Connor in Terminator

I thought the Sony Vaio UX was dead. However, you may have caught a glimpse of it in the movies. It appeared in the latest James Bond movie, and it's also on the new Terminator movie. I don't have a Sony Vaio UX (I decided to get an OQO model 02 instead of the Sony Vaio UX series). Had they used the OQO in the new Terminator movie, would this have saved the sinking company? (I doubt it)

You'll see some interesting biomedical concepts in the new Terminator movie. I don't wish to spoil things for people who plan to watch it, so I won't go into any details. The movie wasn't great, but it wasn't too bad either. My wife and I were both entertained. The critics gave it a C+ and I give it a solid B.

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