Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Apple Tablet in Feb 2010?

The rumors continue to circulate online. Will we see an Apple tablet (macTablet? iTablet?) next Feb? Will it have a small screen or a large screen? The folks at Brighthand are saying 9.6" screen. Will this just be a giant iPod touch (hopefully with a built-in camera this time) or a functional computer running Mac OS X?

At this point, there are probably more questions than answers. I'm sure engineers at Apple are playing with all sorts of prototypes ranging from small to large devices. At the end of all of this, maybe they will offer the tablet in different versions:
  • iTablet nano
  • iTablet mini
  • iTablet classic
  • iTablet Pro
  • iTablet Newton? 
It's hard to believe that we're already talking about 2010. Where did 2009 go?

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