Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tablet PCs and drug reps

These days, when a pharmaceutical sales representative comes to your visit to provide some "drug detailing," you can expect to see some multimedia. Tablet PCs have revolutionized the way that information is now delivered. You can use a tablet and give an interactive presentation while you're standing up. There's no need to sit down and open your laptop. No need for a "slim jim" or any other type of printed visual aid if you have a color LCD screen on a tablet computer.

Sometimes I wonder if Tablet PCs have lost their "wow" factor. After all, we see computers everywhere now. So if someone comes to your office and pulls out a cool gadget (like an iPod touch or an ultra-mobile PC), the novelty factor seems lost. Maybe the upcoming Apple tablet will rejuvenate some of that lost "wow" factor and perhaps we'll see every pharma drug rep equipped with an Apple Tablet in 2010. Probably not.

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