Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boost battery life 5 times

I remember when you were lucky to barely get 2 hours of battery life on a laptop. Now, some boast 8 or 9 hour battery lives. We've made tremendous progress, but we're still not living in an era where the vast majority of laptops will last a full work day on a single standard battery. When will we see that change?

We may see a boost in battery life by 5 times if more devices incorporate Pixel Qi (pronounced "chee") screen technology in mobile computers. Technology Review describes Pixel Qi as:
Developing a technology for low-power, low-cost displays that are readable in direct sunlight. The company is moving into mass production, with netbooks targeted as the first application of its 3qi screen. E-readers could be next.
I'm excited to see how computer screen technology continues to evolve. Someday, we really may have power-efficient mobile computers that are capable of incredible run times. Won't that be great? You won't be running around looking for a place to plug in! All-day computing on your tablet PC while you're rounding in the hospital or seeing patients in a busy office. No need to recharge that tablet PC!

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