Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do you protect your tablet PC in the hospital?

Most clinicians don't use a case when they're carrying their tablet PC around the hospital, clinic, or medical office. They're not all using rugged tablets either, so a single drop onto a hard floor could break the device (and I'm sure this happens quite frequently). I'm sure the hospital IT department sees many tablet PCs that have broken LCD screens, cracked cases, etc.

So what's the practical solution? Use a case/cover? Purchase a rugged device (which tends to be much more expensive)? I'm waiting for a company to develop a nice silicon-type sleeve that will cover a convertible tablet PC and allow you to use it in either in tablet mode or laptop mode. This type of cover won't provide a great deal of protection, but it's certainly better than no protection.

Also, I'm envisioning that most (if not all) future tablet PCs will use Gorilla Glass (or something very similar). We should see a reduction in broken LCD screens. I also anticipate that rugged tablets will become less expensive and we'll see more of these used in the health care sector. After all, some protection against liquid spills and splashes is always nice when you're at the bedside.

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