Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cloud Computing at #HIMSS10

While I'm at HIMSS10, I'll be computing on the clouds on several levels:
  • I'll be computing while I'm flying to Atlanta (so, I'm literally in the clouds, but this is not the right way for me to be using the phrase "Cloud Computing")
  • I'll be relying on certain Cloud Computing resources (don't wish to get into specifics right now)
  • I'm sure I'll see many vendors and exhibits focused on Cloud Computing in health IT while I'm roaming the exhibit space at HIMSS10
Cloud Computing is gaining tremendous popularity in the health IT space and I'm eager to hear the discussions around this topic at HIMSS10.  Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is simply one type of Cloud Computing and I'm sure we'll see plenty of examples of EHR vendors talking about SaaS. Is the health IT industry ready to tackle the challenges associated with data security, disaster recovery, privacy, and some of the other hot topics related to Cloud Computing?

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