Thursday, February 4, 2010

Medical textbooks on the Apple iPad could revolutionize medical education

I'm sure that some medical schools have their medical students using the Apple iPad as an e-reader for medical textbooks. The Amazon Kindle is a great e-reader, but the lack of a color screen makes it suboptimal for medical students who rely on color-rich diagrams, images, etc. So, this is where the Apple iPad could fill that gap.

Can you imagine learning anatomy on an iPad? You won't be limited to static images. Imagine having the ability to click on an image, rotate it, zoom in, and then "peel away" layers of body parts. The iPad could be a tremendous learning tool for medical students. The "touch" aspect of the iPad makes this tool much easier to use compared to a laptop.

Imagine this: you click on the heart. Then, you can zoom in to see the actual muscle fibers. Then, you can zoom in even more to see light microscopic images of the heart. Then, zoom in even more, and you're now seeing electron microscope images.  The iPad could link images and videos of gross pathology with microbiology, pathology with physiology, etc. It could truly revolutionize the medical school experience.

Speaking of textbooks, the Wall Street Journal reports that ScrollMotion is collaborating with some major textbook publishers to transform classrooms into "e-classrooms."

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  1. I totally agree with you. With this kind of technology, it can revolutionize our existing medical education.

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