Friday, March 5, 2010

The Archos 9 tablet PC review

I had the chance to play with an Archos 9 tablet PC at the airport. So, although I didn't spend hours with the device, I spent enough time to form a brief opinion. Here's my short review of this tablet:

The Archos 9 is thin and sleek (0.67 inches thick!). Compared to my current Samsung Q1 Ultra (which has a 7" screen), the Archos 9 (which has an 8.9" screen) has a nicer overall design. I'd gladly trade my Q1 Ultra for an Archos 9.

The device didn't get very warm in my hands and I was impressed by its performance running Windows 7. With a price tag of $549.99, it competes with the upcoming Apple iPad but the difference is that the Archos 9 is a full tablet PC running Windows 7. It also has a webcam so that you can run applications like Skype. Plus, it features a built-in kickstand so that you can tilt the device at various angles. The Archos 9 has a removable battery and a battery life of approximately 5 hours.

The Archos 9 has a passive touch screen (resistive touch) instead of a capacitive multi-touch screen, so keep this in mind when you think about making a purchase. I have to think that future models will come with a capacitive touch screen. If you're an early adapter of technology and gadgets, then I think you'll really like the Archos 9. I'd probably get one, except that I already have too many gadgets right now. 

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