Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tablets and mobile computers at the #HIMSS10 exhibit

If you walk through the HIMSS10 exhibit, you might feel like you're at CES instead of HIMSS. I'm seeing small computers everywhere! Convertible tablets, slate PCs, Mobile Clinical Assistants (MCAs), and even micro PCs that are really tiny. Next year, I predict that we'll see many vendors using the iPad and other new devices like the HP Slate to demo their EHRs.

I personally think that many physicians fail to recognize the value of mobile computers and pen-based input in the ambulatory setting. My prediction is that future exam rooms will be equipped with a Microsoft Surface table and a large touch-screen monitor mounted on the wall. Every doctor and nurse will use some type of mobile computer to record patient biometrics and enter data at the point of care. The addition of clinical decision support will further enhance patient care as providers apply the latest clinical data to practice true evidence-based medicine.

Special thanks to HP for sponsoring me to attend and blog here at HIMSS10.   

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