Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Will Medicine be the Apple iPad's sweet spot?

According to this story on ZDNet by Dana Blankenhorn, "Medicine is the Apple iPad sweet spot." Will that be the case when the iPad reveals itself in early April? Will doctors line up to buy the iPad and use it in the medical setting? Or, will the iPad be a new gadget for those gadget-loving docs who want the latest and greatest toy? Will the iPad revolutionize clinical workflow in the office or the hospital setting?

The ZDNet survey shows that approximately 50% of voters (who are supposedly physicians) plan to buy an iPad. The rest are either uncertain or they don't have any plans of purchasing one. If the iPad could be integrated into an electronic health record (EHR) system so that the clinical workflow becomes more efficient, then many doctors would line up to buy an iPad. Let's see what this thing can do when it comes out next week on April 3.

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  1. No. In a year where industry will see more than a dozen new Pad devices emerging, nearly all I may suggest, with more connectivity options than the Ipad, I feel it is too light-weight for the practice. The inclusion of a camera or bar code reader might improver those odds.