Thursday, April 8, 2010

What will the 2nd generation iPad offer?

There's so much buzz about the iPad right now. Apple has such powerful marketing. It's called social media. So many blogs are buzzing right now about the iPad. People are tweeting that they just bought an iPad! I don't plan to buy one, but I'm curious to see what the 2nd generation iPad will offer.
  • Will it have a webcam? (I think so)
  • Will it be the same size/shape? (I think so)
  • Will it have a built-in SD card slot? (Probably not)
  • Will it have a USB port? (Probably not)
  • Will it run Mac OS X? (Probably not)
So, how will the 2nd generation iPad differ from the 1st generation iPad? My prediction is that the newer model will probably incorporate a faster processor, more RAM, and a webcam so that you can use Skype and other VoIP solutions.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with your 'guesstimation' on the Ipad with some exceptions. I do believe it will incorporate a usb port and an HDMI for its next release. Larger storage capacity AND a stylus wouldn't hurt either, that is, if were to be ideal for an EMR usage. But since when does Apple listen to the desires of vertical markets?