Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Benefits of Client Virtualization in Healthcare

Here's some information about a complimentary podcast series titled, "The Benefits of Client Virtualization in Healthcare"

Clinicians need immediate access to desktops, applications, information and data. Desktop administrators need to be able to meet privacy and information regulations without inhibiting productivity.

Listen to this three-episode podcast series to learn how you can provide instant access to medical applications and patient information using a secure virtual desktop solution. You'll also learn how a virtual "follow-me" desktop is able to meet the requirements of both healthcare IT and the caregiver.

Listen to this podcast series and you will learn more about the following:
  • How client virtualization enables HIPAA compliances and keeps sensitive data secure.
  • How a virtual follow-me desktop is able to meet the requirements of both caregivers and IT.
  • The benefits of centrally managing and updating applications and desktops.
  • Why easy access to critical applications and data from any location or device leads to improved clinician workflows and caregiver satisfaction.
Click here for more information.

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