Friday, May 14, 2010

Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Have you been computing on the cloud using Microsoft Office Live Workspace? Well, I just got this e-mail the other day and it sounds like Microsoft is getting ready to offer some great cloud computing services.
Your Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta account is about to become even better. You already know it’s a great way to store and share documents, and soon it will come together with Windows Live SkyDrive to become a great way to view, create, and edit documents from virtually anywhere.

In the coming months, you’ll receive notification when your Office Live Workspace account will be upgraded, along with further details. Until then, there’s no need for you to do anything.

With your SkyDrive account, you’ll get 25 GB of online storage for sharing both documents and photos. Your SkyDrive account is designed to work smoothly with other Windows Live services like Hotmail and Messenger. And you’ll be able to view and edit documents from virtually anywhere* using new Microsoft Office Web Apps.
Not familiar with Microsoft Office Web Apps?
Microsoft Office Web Apps are convenient online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that give you the freedom to work with your Office documents from virtually anywhere with a supported browser.
I currently use Windows Live Sync, so I could definitely use 25 GB of online storage to backup my critical files. As cloud computing continues to gain more traction in the world of health care, I'm sure we'll see more health care professionals using services like Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web Apps. Do you compute on the cloud and are you backing up your files remotely?

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