Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mobile Learning: Ensuring Implementation Success

There's a free webinar coming up that looks like it's going to be very relevant to mobile technology and education.

Mobile Learning: Ensuring Implementation Success

The success of your mobile learning programs requires more than just having the right technology, great content, and effective design. To be successful you need a well thought out implementation plan that ensures your learners are engaged, your managers are motivated, and your organization is energized. By integrating proven techniques and approaches from change management, communications, and consumer marketing you can increase awareness, involvement, and acceptance - at all levels of your organization. The proven I-3 Change Implementation Model provides the blueprint for an effective plan. In this webinar, Lance Dublin, co-author of the ASTD capstone book, “Implementing e-Learning” and the Chief Solution Architect of Dublin Consulting, will present the model and share with you what works and what doesn’t – and why.

In addition, Supra Manohar, VP Emantras, will lay the groundwork to get a mobile initiative started, implemented, and successful (using Mobl21), specifically addressing some of the requirements for target segments, K-12, Higher Ed, and Enterprise. Definition of basic functions like educational requirements, device specific strategies, content strategies, and most importantly becoming a part of an ever growing community of mobile adopters - sharing stories and best practices. How to use the Mobl21 community and team to receive information from other adopters and gain expertise from a collective intelligence.

Learn more and register for this event here.

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