Sunday, May 2, 2010

Physician executives and netbooks at ACPE 2010

I'm in Washington D.C. attending the 2010 ACPE (American College of Physician Executives) Annual CME Conference. Physicians attending the Physician in Management Seminar all have laptops in the room because they're taking notes, working on assignments, and preparing for online exams. What's interesting is to note how many physician executives are using netbooks instead of standard laptops. What's your guess?

Surprisingly, I saw more netbooks than expected. I think the netbook phenomenon has caught up to these physician executives. Equipped with reading glasses, they were working on small screens instead of using monster laptops that had 17" screens. Several physicians also had Apple notebooks (mainly MacBook Pro models), but I didn't see many MacBook Air laptops in the room. I guess physician executives aren't willing to pay a premium to have the thinnest, coolest laptop on the market. I saw a few physicians with iPads, so that was refreshing. Who said physicians were late technology adopters?

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