Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great laptop deals for under $400

I recently purchased several great laptops for under $400. I'm not talking about tiny netbooks that lack built-in optical drives. I'm also not referring to refurbished or recertified products.

If you're shopping for a new laptop and you want a regular screen (14 or 15" screen), plus you also want a built-in DVD-RW drive, then you can probably find a nice deal on a brand new laptop for under $400. You'll save more if you purchase a refurbished computer, but why buy refurbished when you can buy something new for a similar price?

There are some great deals out there on products made by Lenovo, HP/Compaq, Acer, and many other brands. Here's a tip: don't shop on the manufacturer's website. Look for these deals from online retailers like,, and others. You won't even need a coupon code to find these great deals.

As the fall approaches, you can also expect to see some great "back to school" savings.

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