Wednesday, September 8, 2010

From netbooks to iPads - the search for the ultimate mobile computer

I find it interesting to follow mobile computing trends in the world of healthcare. I'm in San Diego and I'm attending the 2nd International mHealth Networking Conference. I'm surrounded by people who have Apple iPads. Has this become the optimal mobile device for conference attendees? Will the iPad replace netbooks? (we're already seeing a decline in netbook sales, so maybe slate computing is going to replace ultra-mobile laptops)

In the past, it seemed like every conference attendee had a netbook. Laptops were simply too heavy and bulky for most medical professionals. Now, the iPad is new, it's trendy, and it's very portable. That's probably why I see so many mHealth professionals here who are using iPads. Then again, this is an mHealth conference, so maybe the room is full of early adopters who have a passion for mobile technology.

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  1. The iPad is trendy... but why would anyone in health care want Apple determining what you can and cannot put on your computer? I find this amazing and nobody is talking about it. If Apple thinks the iStethoscope is a problem for them for FDA regulatory or legal liability reasons, it's gone. I simply cannot trust Apple to tell me what "apps" I can and cannot run on hardware I own.