Monday, September 20, 2010

The mHealth Ecosystem: A Workshop

The mHealth Ecosystem: A Workshop
December 9, 2010 - Chicago Airport Renaissance Hotel

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Communication-enhanced healthcare through mobile technology is the future. Add to this the exploding fields of mobile digital tools (apps, sensors, documentation support) for patients and clinicans, and you have a disruptive change that signals the beginning of a revolution in healthcare.

You are invited to join mHealth Initiative in its efforts to explore the ecosystem, share experiences and discuss opportunities at the first of a series of mHealth workshops.

What is needed for the mHealth ecosystem?

The mHealth ecosystem includes technologies, policies, devices, systems, and standards for new communication between patients and providers, integration of apps and communication-enhanced disease management programs, colalboration and care coordination systems - and much more.

The mHealth ecosystem must take into account standards, technology, patient communications, connectivity, clinician preferences of devices and systems, wireless systems and devices, security training, interoperability, quality of service, confidentiality policies, device platforms, HIS/EMR/HIE integration, secure and intuitive email, secure texting, secure wireless transmission and integration of data, EMC, user policies, guidance in app selection, and other issues.
What must be done...

* Patient education
* Clinician and staff education
* Strategy for wireless connectivity
* Inventory of existing medical apps
* Creation of a management system for incoming emails and text messages
* Discussion of advantages of data vs voice communication
* Research and implementation of security system
* Establishment of an mHealth tam in your organization
* Evaluation of communication-ewnhanced disease management options

Click here to register for just $195

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