Thursday, September 23, 2010

Panasonic Toughbook T8 Hand Strap

I've now had the chance to spend a few weeks with the Panasonic Toughbook T8. The more I use this touch-screen laptop, the more I've grown to appreciate some of its unique features. This is a rugged laptop that includes a passive touch screen. The thickness isn't surprising, considering that this is a rugged device. I don't know how Panasonic managed to get the new Toughbook C1 convertible tablet PC to be so thin.

The T8 is a solid performer and you'll quickly get used to the slightly smaller keyboard. I've come to appreciate the weight (3.3 lbs) and size of this laptop.

So, what's my favorite feature? It's the hand strap. A hand strap for a laptop? Yes. I see many people walking around the hospital trying to type on a laptop while they're standing. That means you're holding the laptop in one hand while you're pecking at the keys with the other hand. This type of one-handed typing isn't the most efficient way to enter data, but it works.

The hand strap on the T8 is a great feature because it allows you to securely hold the laptop in one hand. I've uploaded a video showing you the hand strap in action.

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