Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Typing on a "virtual" keyboard

There are times when I wonder if our physical keyboards will get replaced by "virtual" keyboards like those found on slate tablets like the iPad.

Have you tried placing the iPad on a flat (or angled) surface so that you can type using the on-screen keyboard?  After you get used to the fact that there are no physical buttons, you'll find that typing is actually quite easy (even if your fingers aren't tiny). If you haven't tried it, go by an Apple store and play with the iPad. Try typing on its screen and see what you think. Do you think you could get used to that?

Is this the future for all mobile computing devices? Will the days of physical QWERTY keyboards be a thing of the past as smartphones, slates, and other mobile devices move away from physical keyboards? With an on-screen keyboard, you don't have to worry about moving parts or small keys that may break or fall off. You also don't need to worry about annoying clicking sounds that may bother the person sitting next to you if you're an aggressive (and fast) typist.

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