Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What does "mHealth" mean to you?

This year, mHealth received a lot of attention. As smartphones became more powerful and as new devices like the Apple iPad emerged into the marketplace, the entire mobile health phenomenon really took off. Plus, we saw a number of clinical studies being published about the use of mobile computing technology to improve health care delivery.

What does mHealth mean to you? Is the future of mobile health going to focus around texting or SMS? Will it be around slate devices like the Apple iPad, the Dell Streak, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab? Will it be around smartphones?

I love mobile devices, so I find it especially exciting to see health care professionals and patients embracing mobile technology to improve health care. As technology continues to improve mobile computing capabilities, we'll soon find ourselves relying less on our desktops and we'll lean more heavily on our mobile devices. Soon, the term "computer" will become a term that get redefined. After all, is an iPhone a computer? Is a BlackBerry a computer? Is the iPad a computer?


  1. Smart Phones a definitely computers by all sense of the term, Input, output, computations logic, Yep.

    Smartphone will become the Remote-control of our Healthcare, At the rate of adoption most user will have a Smartphone in the next few years providing, lower cost access to healthcare. These intelligent devices have more computing power than most desktops of just a few year ago and can communicate with the Cloud as well as terrestrial systems. Our Product http://mHealthBridge.com provides smartphone connectivity to EHR/PHR to PHI (Personal and Protected) Health Information.

    Jeff Brandt
    Communication Software, CTO

  2. mHealth means better accessibility to one's health data. The discussion seems to be to either access that data by vendors/government/institutions building mobile versions of website applications or installable apps directly onto the phone: