Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hands-on with the HP Slate 500 at #HIMSS11

I'm at HIMSS and I'm seeing the HP Slate 500 everywhere throughout the exhibit hall. I've been waiting to get my hands on this device so that I can test it myself. The HP Slate 500 is a complete PC running Windows 7 so you won't need to run a virtual machine if you need to access your electronic health record or hospital-based CPOE system on your tablet.

Starting at 1.5 lb, this slate device has an 8.9" diagonal WSVGA wide-viewing angle touchscreen that is responsive to capacitive touch. Plus, you can use the HP Slate Digital Pen for data input. I prefer the capacitive touch input.

You won't find the Slate 500 in a brick and mortar store like Best Buy or Staples. This product was developed as an enterprise-level device and not a consumer device. The HP TouchPad running webOS will be more widely available and will meet the needs of many consumers and health care professionals who are currently using slate devices like the Apple iPad.

After playing around with the HP Slate 500, I've concluded that this is a really nice device for those who want a very light, portable slate that will run Windows 7. I'm currently using LogMeIn Ignition to access Windows 7 on my Apple iPad, but maybe I'll be in a better position if I'm simply using a Windows 7 slate.

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