Monday, February 21, 2011

HP Helps Improve Quality and Efficiency of Care with Telehealth Programs #HIMSS11

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 21, 2011 – HP today announced new product solutions and applications that help advance telehealth adoption and accessibility for healthcare organizations and patients nationwide, promoting improved quality and efficiency of healthcare.

HP will demonstrate the following collaborative solutions introduced at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference and exhibition (booth 731):

— Lifebot® is designed to provide a secure, mobile emergency medical services (EMS) telemedicine solution.

— Canvys delivers advanced display systems for patient monitoring, bio-medical displays, ultrasound, cardiac imaging and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

— Medweb’s cloud-hosted imaging and data repository improves the speed and security of image and records storage for physicians, radiologists and specialists.

— Parental Health facilitates daily health monitoring by allowing seniors to connect face-to-face with doctors, book medical appointments or dispatch a physician in emergency situations.

“HP is committed to providing industry-leading, comprehensive telehealth solutions for cost-effective and accurate remote patient monitoring and care,” said Chris Mertens, vice president, Healthcare, Personal Systems Group, HP. “Through our close collaboration with innovative technology leaders, HP telehealth solutions bring physicians and care givers to the point of care, regardless of their location, with fast, reliable and enhanced secure technology.”

Telehealth in emergency situations

HP is working with Lifebot to provide a complete EMS telemedicine solution delivered through the HP Slate 500 tablet PC and HP TouchSmart 9100 all-in-one PC. The solution revolutionizes the speed of care in emergency health situations by combining HP products with Lifebot’s exclusive Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services (DREAMS™) ambulance teletriage and disaster management system to allow for live transmission of critical patient physiological data.(1)

Starting at only 1.5 pounds, the HP Slate 500 with the Lifebot DREAMS system enables unprecedented portability and functionality for mobile healthcare. The system’s high-definition(2) interactive voice and video communication features facilitate access and remote management of patients in more locations, including remote emergency rooms, ambulances, satellite facilities or intensive care units. The system may be used to connect remotely to other LifeBot DREAMS systems and create a live link to medical expertise at a trauma center or other ambulances.

The HP TouchSmart 9100 with Lifebot DREAMS enables any neurologist, trauma surgeon or other emergency medical specialist to obtain immediate remote video, voice and data connections from the ambulance or remote location.(1) The touchscreen allows remote physicians to draw a “play by play” on the screen to help emergency medical technicians provide better care while in the field.

Remote access to bandwidth-intensive imaging and archiving solutions

HP has partnered with Canvys, which announced the world’s first notebook to meet the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM®) 3.14 calibration standard, providing healthcare professionals unprecedented remote access to a high-quality PACS solution. The DICOM 3.14 standard specifies how digital image data can be moved from system to system, as well as how pixel values should be interpreted or displayed.

The HP EliteBook 8540w and HP EliteBook 8740w mobile workstations feature the HP DreamColor LED-backlit display technology for enhanced brightness, resolution, color depth and viewing angle. The displays on the mobile workstations have 30-bit color accuracy, which provides more than 1 billion color possibilities and offers physicians and healthcare specialists diagnostic-quality images remotely.

HP and Canvys also now integrate with Medweb to provide a complete virtual PACS solution that ensures the high-quality images are available on cloud-hosting for healthcare professionals who need to access them. Medweb’s solution offers a cloud-hosted imaging and data repository that is designed for fast, substantial storage for physicians and specialists. Using a downloadable web interface, documents and images can be accessible under the requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.(3)

Personal healthcare through touch technology

Parental Health’s Medical Information Systems To You (MISTY) software application is bundled with the HP TouchSmart 9100 to provide a central tool placed in the home to facilitate daily health monitoring and easily connect users with a full support network of healthcare professionals and family.(3) MISTY also will be available on the recently introduced HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite, which reclines up to a 60-degree angle to adjust the display’s position for increased range of motion, outstanding viewing and an intuitive touch experience.

The MISTY application on HP TouchSmart PCs gives users the ability to easily measure health indicators, track daily medication dosages and enter wellness updates. The touch technology provides an intuitive user interface for entering health information and connecting with doctors and other family members.(3) The program can trigger alerts to doctors, family members or emergency personnel if the user has not taken his or her medicine.

Also recently announced HP Digital Health solutions based on HP’s extensive portfolio of products, solutions and partners. More information about HP healthcare solutions is available at

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