Tuesday, April 5, 2011

InVivoLink Releases iPad App for Analyzing Orthopedic Practice Patterns

April 5, 2011 (Nashville, Tenn.) --- Orthopedic surgeons can now use an
iPad to access their personal implant registry and practice pattern data,
thanks to InVivoLink’s (IVL) new “OrthoPod” application. Optimized for the
iPad 2, OrthoPod is the first app to seamlessly connect the physician,
hospital and implant distributor. The result is a clinical integration
platform that saves time, provides visibility into quality initiatives and
enables caregiver collaboration.

“The patient is the focus,” said Michael Christie, M.D., a
fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon at Southern Joint Replacement
Institute. “InVivoLink’s OrthoPod app allows me to look across my
procedures and patients to understand patterns that were previously
unclear. At a glance, I can see that everything is ready for my upcoming
procedures and plan for special needs, which elevates patient safety.”

Ryan Wells, InVivoLink CEO, added, “OrthoPod is the first tablet-based
solution that enables coordinated care for implant procedures. InVivoLink
created OrthoPod to empower the physician and improve patient care.
Optimizing OrthoPod for the iPad makes a lot of sense because it clearly
provides the best user experience for the physician.”

Existing technologies fall short in putting together accurate and timely
data sets related to physician preference procedures. The data often
resides in multiple systems and has critical gaps. “Processes are highly
manual and frequently arrive very late,” according to John Bass,
InVivoLink COO.

“InVivoLink’s solution is to provide technology with the real-time
structure needed to promote practice visibility and understand outcomes at
a granular level. Then we go a step further by integrating care management
into workflows and by connecting best practices,” continued Bass.

OrthoPod is available in the Apple App Store.

About InVivoLink
InVivoLink (IVL) is a healthcare technology company that helps hospitals,
physicians and medical device suppliers improve clinical, financial and
operational outcomes all while enhancing patient safety. IVL’s products
and services focus on collecting and disseminating meaningful data related
to medical procedures. For more information, visit www.invivolink.com.

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