Monday, April 18, 2011

mRemedy, Inc. Announces mytality: Custom Health Care Mobile Apps

ROCHESTER, MN – mRemedy, Inc., a leading provider of mobile solutions
for health care has announced the introduction of a new technology
platform for iPhone and Android mobile platforms: mytality. mytality
addresses specific needs for clinics and hospitals and their patients.
mRemedy’s flagship hospital for their mytality app platform is Central
Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

The mytality mobile solution includes the following features:
- Suite of medical trackers allowing patients to provide anytime
collection of disease and medical information, shareable with their
care provider;
- Directory of medical staff with contact information;
- First aid guide;
- Medical library with over 1,000 articles of content covering
diseases, conditions, tests, procedures and healthy living;
- Departmental contact information, travel directions and scheduling
information; and
- Visual details on medical facilities to help patients navigate to
their appointment quicker.

“Having health care on your mobile device from your local medical
provider is a huge boost for patients,” stated Wade Beavers, mRemedy
CEO. “During the creation of mytality, the mRemedy team worked closely
with physician advisors to develop the most patient-centric solutions.
This is the beginning of a better way to connect with health care

The Central Baptist Hospital Mobile App enables finding a physician
through the PhysicianLink connection, finding a location, or quickly
sending a question. This app, along with a series of stand-alone apps:
myWeight, myPressure, and myGlucose, offer individuals tools to easily
track, analyze and share a variety of health indicators. Through an
integrated diary, users can compare how their activities affect the
health indicators that they track. A variety of new tracker features
across a range of health care and wellness areas are coming soon.

mRemedy’s mytality is designed to meet the needs of midsized
hospitals, clinics and physicians. mytality is architected to allow
health care organizations to quickly customize their app to best
service the needs of their patients. mRemedy is preparing for a broad
launch of mytality and expects to announce additional implementations
in the months ahead.

About mRemedy, Inc.
mRemedy Inc. is a technology company that is focused on health and
wellness solutions for health care business and consumers. Founded in
2009, mRemedy represents a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and DoApp
Inc. mRemedy offers integrated mobile and internet services that give
health care providers and their patients tools to interact and share
information. mRemedy is focused on creating solutions that make both
patients' and healthcare professionals' lives simpler.

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