Monday, April 25, 2011

Super Google Reader: a must-have Google Chrome extension for Reader users

Author: Riley Alexander, MD, MBA

If you're like me and you read a lot of blogs and/or regularly updated sites frequently, there's a good chance you use Google Reader. And if you do, you're probably as hooked into it as I am.

Well, to feed the addiction, I highly recommend Super Google Reader. It's an extension for Chrome that allows for full viewing of feeds within Reader. After installing, the default is still the truncated view, but Super Google Reader gives you two other options right within the post: Readable and Link. Readable essentially gives the full text of the post, without ads, but may not work with all posts. Link gives you the entire page, graphics and comments included, within the feed--essentially running a tab or browser within the feed. Very slick and streamlined.

You can find it here (on Chrome).

About the author:

Dr. Riley Alexander is a pathology resident at Indiana University School of Medicine, blog "addict" and avid follower of technology. His primary interests revolve around how technology, especially mobile, will create increased efficiency, enhanced physician education and better delivery of care in the medical field. Dr. Alexander is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine with a combined MD/MBA, in partnership with IU's Kelley School of Business. Due to this, he is also very interested in management, healthcare policy and non-clinical aspects of the medical field and enjoys exploring non-clinical opportunities for medical students, residents and physicians. He completed his undergraduate education at IU-Bloomington.

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