Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Medical apps for the HP TouchPad running webOS

I've been testing the HP TouchPad for over a week now. I have this pulled out next to my iPad and HP Slate 500 and I find myself comparing these 3 tablets as I browse different websites and perform some basic tasks.

When it comes to medical apps for the HP TouchPad running webOS, you'll find that Lexicomp (by Lexi-Comp, Inc.) is the only medical app that shows up on the HP App Catalog (the "app store" for HP webOS) for the large screen that's on the TouchPad. These apps say "For TouchPad" above the green purchase/Free button. Lexicomp is a great medical reference app, but you'll have to purchase the products after your free trial ends.

Other medical apps made by are formatted for the smaller screens found on HP smartphones like the former Palm Pre, the Pre3, the Pixi, the Veer, and other smartphones running webOS.

A great medical app developed by the American Heart Association is the "Hands-Only CPR" app, but this will show up as a small window on your TouchPad. has a series of free medical apps for webOS like:

  • eMed
  • MediPDA
  • Pubmedlite
  • DrugView
  • Framingham CVD Risk Calculator
  • NIH Stroke Scale
  • Shots 2010
  • Carboplatin
  • Dosecalcfree
  • Pneumonia
  • PreOpEval
  • and others

Currently, none of these apps are formatted to fit the larger screen of the TouchPad.

Wiley-Blackwell has the American Journal of Transplantation app for webOS (but once again, this is not formatted for webOS).

I'm sure we'll eventually see more medical apps for webOS. I'm reminded of what it was like when the Android operating system was still relatively "new." Physicians and medical students were all waiting for popular apps Epocrates and Medscape.

I also wanted to see how UpToDate would run on the TouchPad, so I opened up a browser window, opened UpToDate, and logged in. At first, the experience was very similar to a desktop browser experience. However, I had encountered some issues and I'll be writing about that in a future post.

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