Thursday, October 20, 2011

Explore the Technology Sessions at the mHealth Summit

Don't miss the 2011 mHealth Summit this December 5-7 in Washington DC.

This year's Technology tracks include sessions that will examine technologies in the market today as well as new technologies still under development. mHealth Technologies will address gaps in health delivery thereby improving health globally and at all income levels.

Track 1: Creating mHealth Technologies
  • The Benefits of Low Power, Short Range Wireless Health
  • Deployment of mHealth and System Infrastructure Implications
  • Framing U.S. mHealth Development: How to Align Function, Business, Policy, and Regulation
  • Short-term Strategies for Fragmentation: Overcoming Interoperability Challenges Today
  • Encouraging Care Organizations and Payers to Become mHealth Test Beds

Track 2: Functional Capabilities
  • Workflow Solutions For Use Inside Care Facilities
  • Leveraging mHealth at the Point of Care
  • The Impact of Cloud Computing and *Online Solutions on mHealth
  • Wireless Patient Monitoring in Care Facilities: The Future of Wearable mHealth Applications, Devices, and Sensors
  • What Will it Take to Drive Mass Adoption and Patient Engagement
Track 3: Stakeholder Perspectives
  • Search and Use Patterns: Case Studies in Patient Adherence through mHealth
  • The Intersection of Mobile Health and Public Health -- Towards Greater Understanding and Collaboration
  • Passive, Non-Invasive, Engaging: Technology Solutions for Managing Chronic Disease
  • Deployment Case Studies for the mHealth Field Worker
  • Case Studies in U.S. mHealth in Rural Communities: The Intersection of Health Disparities and Mobile
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