Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dell Latitude ST Tablet PC

The Dell Latitude ST Tablet PC is a new slate tablet from Dell. This device may look like an Apple iPad, but it runs Windows 7 and includes both a capacitive touch-screen along with an active digitizer (for pen-based computing). In short, this device is very similar to other enterprise-level slate Tablet PCs running Windows 7. These include the HP Slate 500, the HP Slate 2, the Motion CL900, the Fujitsu Q550, and others.

All of these smaller slate tablets run Atom processors that are highly power-efficient, but they may feel slow and sluggish compared to modern processors found on standard laptops. Hence, I think these small slates running Windows 7 may fill a certain market need, but they're not designed for robust computing. I've been using the HP Slate 500 for about a year and I find that it's a great digital assistant during my busy workday, but I would not use it as my only computer when I'm busy multitasking to accomplish my work.

The Dell Latitude ST Tablet PC includes a "garage" for the pen, a feature that isn't found in every slate tablet., but a similar feature can be found on the Motion CL900. I use my pen regularly, so I hope to see this type of internal pen holder on all future slate tablets.

For now, I will wait until Windows 8 comes out and continue using my existing hardware.

The device starts at $859. Here's a brief description from Dell:

The Latitude™ ST features Windows® enabled power in the body of a touch-screen slate, combining the mobility of a tablet with the manageability, security and compatibility you expect from Dell Latitude.

  • Familiar features: Hit the ground running with an OS interface you already know. Produce and edit business documents on the go with the Latitude ST, powered by Intel® Atom™ processors and running Windows® 7.
  • Enterprise ready: Enterprise-class security features and network compatibility let you manage the Latitude ST just as you would any other PC.
  • Convenient size: Starting at less than 2 pounds (816g)2, this multi-touch tablet can follow you anywhere, and with a screen size of 10.1" (257mm), it’s big enough for work applications.
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