Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 reasons why I can't live on an iPad (or Android tablet)

I recently went on vacation and I took my PC laptop, my iPad, and my Android tablet. Yes, I carry multiple gadgets so that my kids (n=3) can be entertained on the flight and hotel. One iPad won't cut it. So, could I survive with just an iPad or Android tablet? I probably could if I only had to check email periodically. However, I'm a blogger and I just can't stay away from blogging.

So, what are the 5 reasons why I can't live on an iPad (or Android tablet)?

1. Copy/paste is still rather archaic on mobile devices. I do a lot of copy/paste and it's simply too difficult (or rather impossible at times) to do on an iPad or Android tablet. Until this becomes easier, I'll naturally end up pulling out my laptop.

2. The typing experience. Sorry folks, but the on-screen typing or the Bluetooth keyboards just don't cut it for me. I do some serious typing when I'm composing a blog post.

3. Problems with browser compatibility. If you do enough web browsing on a mobile device, you'll encounter some type of compatibility bug. I've tried almost every mobile browser that is available. I've gravitated towards my favorites, but they still have some intermittent issues when you visit certain sites. In most cases, the problem is with the site, not the browser. However, a problem is a problem and it impacts my productivity. There are still too many websites out there that are not optimized and properly programmed for the mobile experience.

4. Video editing. The existing video editing apps on mobile devices are still fairly primitive. When I am traveling, I often shoot video that I will edit and upload to my YouTube channel. It's just too difficult to edit/cut/splice movies on a mobile device and upload them to YouTube. I'd rather stick the SD card into my laptop, manipulate the video, then upload the new video files.

5. I still rely on spell check and autocorrect when I am composing lengthy documents. Right now, the majority of word processing apps don't have robust spell check and autocorrect features that are built-in to the app. You can get these if you're connected to the Internet, but if you're working on a plane that lacks Wi-Fi, you're typing with no correction. I still make too many mistakes typing, so I need these features when I'm writing.

So, these are the main reasons why I always carry a PC, even when I'm carrying a mobile tablet like an iPad or an Android tablet. In many cases, I leave the tablet behind because what's the point of carrying both a PC and a tablet?

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