Monday, June 11, 2012

75% of my Apple iOS devices will soon be "obsolete"

As you may suspect, I have a number of Apple gadgets in my home. We have a few iPods (various generations), an iPad, an iPhone 4S, an iPod touch, a MacBook Pro, and even a Newton Messagepad (remember those?)

I tend to keep my old devices, so my iPod touch is a 2nd generation device. The current iPod touch is a 4th generation model. If you have an iPod touch, do you know what generation your device falls into?

I also have the first generation iPad (do you think this will become a collector's item someday?)

The sad reality that I must accept is that many of my iOS devices will soon become "obsolete." My current iPod touch is running iOS 4.2.1 because it doesn't support iOS 5 (or any updated version of iOS 4). This means that I can't run certain medical apps (like the Sermo app) on my old iPod touch.

The exciting announcement about iOS 6 wasn't too thrilling for me since my first generation iPad won't support iOS 6. I'll be stuck with the obsolete iOS 5 on my iPad.

The hardware on mobile devices changes so rapidly that it's nearly impossible to keep up with technology. Do you feel that way too? Let's look at the bright side: Soon, we'll be calling these devices "vintage."

Fortunately, someone within our household has an iPhone 4S, so we're not all behind the times.

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